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Isla Abramia

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Few months ago an Ex-Abramian military chief General Dragan aka The Fox performed a coup d'etat on Isla Abramia and took control of the country. Overthrown president has been murdered in main square and all of his staff has been put to prison. Gen. Dragan set a curfew, requiring everyone to be indoors during night time. Massacres are on his daily schedule of all the people that oppose him and even innocent villagers are not safe anymore.

UN and NATO have decided it is time to step in and remove Dragan with a small unconventional taskforce - an international group of professionals. Capturing elusive Gen. Dragan is your main priority. Stop actions of his Cecanian Army and assist Abramian Rebel Alliance in order to succeed in this operation. What is even more alarming is that Dragan's brother Vatroslav is a chemical weapons expert and we have just recieved intel that he's managed to sneak couple of 1 KT nuclear warheads from an attack on a secret storage facility in Northern Sahrani.

Alternative scenario for the island is that Abramia is a peaceful country that approaches the civil war as Mayors of Rickwood and Vandella decide to revolt and form their own Republics. Of course Abramian president and his Army generals react and violence breakes out. NATO intervention is green-lighted and your unit find itself in the middle of the shitstorm.

There are five islands near mainland:
- Vandella & Blanco on the SE
- Serval on the NE
- Rickwood on the NW
- Prato, small one serves as an "off-shore airbase" by NATO.

p.s. units (CEC, CEC-Winter and ARA) are available in a separate addon: FAP Units. Download available separately via Workshop, PWS or my website (see News).