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IceBreakrís Official A2 Islands Website

Lado Crnologar aka IceBreakr is from Slovenia, Europe. He's been active in gaming community since 1997 working on several games, total conversions and mods. He is familiar with several game engines, such as Duke3D, Source, UE, Real Virtuality, etc. His passion is terrain / map / level design & running his mil-sim team/community and creating open worlds such as Bohemia's RealVirtuality (ArmA3) engine. This website features all his projects / islands. Try them, they are totally FREE and a present to BIS Community. IceBreakr won a "Community Member of Year 2010" Award, choosen by players around the world.

Freelance Gaming Work

I'm currently interested in commercial gaming projects in fields: level design, graphics, gameplay consulting, etc. My contact is visible further down this page. I'm active on FB & Discord.

Personal Appeal

My islands are loved among the Arma2/3 Community and always considered a quality work. A tremendous amount of time, passion and dedication goes into making them, for example Lingor project took a 6-month cycle to complete. And you can get it entirely for free. But without your support, my island making is probably coming to an end, since time once invested in island making is now (unfortunately) needed to pay a nice stack of bills. If you feel you could donate couple of bucks/euros/quids it would enable me to improve and upgrade islands, hey, maybe even start a new project :] Without your support that won't be possible anymore. If you like my stuff, any modest donation from you is a great help. Thank you.

Contact Info

Due to anti-spam measures, all my contact info is in picture below:
Contacts IceBreakr

Special Thanks

Several talented people are helping me out with my projects. Without them all this surely could not be achieved. From a small idea tip, bugreport to addons that improve the island and the overall gameplay experience. Thanks to all the contributors and beta testers. Projects feature credits (readme files) so be sure to check them out. Guys... you rule.