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IceBreakr's Official Arma2/Arma3 Islands Website

This website features islands (maps) for a military combat simulator Arma 2 & Arma 3.

Latest News

Panthera - New update after 2 years!

December 5, 2020 by IceBreakr

One of most played islands in Armaverse is surely Panthera and even I like to revisit it often for a round of Liberation or a cool coop mission or two! New edition 3.91 brings Enoch/Livonia vegetation, improved satellite image, closeup textures and much realistic looking river Soca. Enjoy ;)

New islands & changelogs:

Panthera 3.91 | Changelog

New island: Kingdom of Regero!

Nov 13, 2020 by IceBreakr

Me & my team brough some classics from the old original Armed Assault game to new A3 standards. Plus we added new areas in ;)

Latin: regero
carry back; throw back; throw back by way of retort

Credits go to Bohemia Interactive for Proving Grounds, Wedge for Isla Barbuda, Alex.Sworn for Syr Darain & Aussie for Yanutha sectors. There is also a new Chatto Valley area that is still lush and non-affected by earth erosion and that horrible experiment that went wrong in area that has become known as proving grounds.

Its a 105km2 area, 10x10km with 2.5m grid and detailed 20K texture.

Background story:
Queen Zoe Nylund invited your PMC group to protect her weather station up near the Chatto river due to recent rebellion by the local population there. But it seems that is not a regular weather station or weather station at all. An incident in central ammo depot wiped out most of the fertile Regero's ground. Just as his dad, king of Regero, Leonard Nylund is approaching the San Isabel for the annual festival and parade, his helicopter is hit by the MANPAD missile. Believed on board is also to be Daniel, his son and brother to Zoe, the leader of Regero Army... chaos ensues with riots around the island as Zoe becomes the Queen of Regero... and your PMC team on her side to help her out.

Enjoy the new island! BI Forums Official Topic
Steam Workshop | Download

Fapovo reaches 1.6

May 1, 2020 by IceBreakr

So Fapovo reached v1.60, please contact me via Steam if you experience any issues. Otherwise enjoy your squadnights, lemme know if you have a cool mission to test out.

My team is also testing out postapocaplytic desert map of Feralia Ademox. But not for public, yet.

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Steam Workshop | Download

Fapovo Island 1.2 & Bushlurker's unreleased work(song)!

Februar 5, 2020 by IceBreakr

The biggest gift of 2019 for me was finding an unreleased song on one of my backup drives by our late great friend Paul Pelosi aka Bushlurker.

He helped numerous arma players on a daily basis until a cruel destiny took him away in 2017. I've managed to spend a day editing the track and able to finish it for you to hear it for the first time. I present you the release of Fapovo Island 1.2 co-created by several of my guys from the great armaverse community and SBP Team (Slovenian Black Panthers) - guys that share the same passion for weapons, tactics and milsim since 2001. It's been long almost 19 years. I won't be able to give you more community content in next months as I'm fully commited to a special unannounced project I've been working on for the past year or more. Meanwhile enjoy Fapovo that has been created with help of guys and mostly with love for armaverse and you guys - best gaming community in the world by far.

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Steam Workshop | Download

New release: Fapovo Island!

November 24, 2019 by IceBreakr

So, remember small isle of Fapovo from end of Arma 2 era? Never mind if you don't, it was a simple couple day project. But some of you guys loved it and did a roleplay of the original Red Dawn movie on it. I've invested couple of hours into it and present to you an Arma 3 expanded version ;) enjoy! New Arma 3 Community Manager Nillers joined us yesterday in SBP Team MP COOP operation where we tested the island for the first time. It is also available as 1.0beta public release on Steam. Give it a go and let me know how you like it. Thanks!

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Steam Workshop | Download

Long time no c ;)

November 21, 2019 by IceBreakr

As you've probably noticed - I've been away from the modmaking. Reason is that we are working on a very very special project that I cannot talk about... yet ;) Otherwise, a surprise remake of one of my "classics" is coming in next days. But its totally remake with 60% of new terrain added. Stay tuned and keep rocking Arma ;)

Angola Maps v1.3

April 26, 2019 by IceBreakr

I present to you a new map: Chongo. It features a 12,3x12.3km area from real Angola, but of course I had to edit it to make it more appealing for all gameplay reasons. You can find it in Angola Maps 1.3 release of Steam Workshop (by simply clicking on the image below). Map features highly detailed terrain graphics (30720x30720px!) so at moments it will look close to the real thing ;) Map features two towns and several settlements and also two airports (SE and NW).

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Steam Workshop | Download

Duala updated & other news

February 20, 2019 by IceBreakr

Hey hey long time no see. Patreon didn't really kick off, but hopefully that will change with the new free content coming soon to all Arma 3 fans. There's finally a good progress on the maps in work, Isla Balkania is under creation of settlements, rest is pretty much ready! Ademox is a new desert post-apocalyptic world and should see the light of the day, too. At least for internal testers in my team. And Tonal, ... a lot of work done, but still not happy to release it.

I also managed to make a substantial graphics quality update of popular Isla Duala - it is on Steam as of latest version 3.9.5! So be sure to check it out with your team or alone ;)

Lingor v3.9.5 released!

December 11, 2018 by IceBreakr

Sorry for not updating this website quicker, but yeah ... Lingor got a new update! Changelog is available here. Hopefully you will find new areas useful for your missions and let me know how it goes. Preferably with positive comments ;)

Lingor v3.9 release postponed until Saturday, October 6.

September 28, 2018 by IceBreakr

Hey peepz! I've had to postpone the release of Lingor v3.9 until next Saturday due to:
- one special addon to the island is still not working as it supposed to, but it is an essential part of it
- it is a part of a 2-part coop mission Underdog
- something came up and I'm busy with other stuff during this week
Thank you for understanding.

Southeast Angola 1974 updated to v1.1

August 15, 2018 by IceBreakr

  • improved satellite image (more realistic look)
  • fixed huts that even have openable doors now (tnx to buddy Sahbazz!)
  • almost 1.9 million objects placed
  • added 4th waterhole
  • removed some traffic-blocking vegetation
  • dirt paths / aka roads are visible now (for easier navigation)
  • removed rather large boulder from the runway
  • added more paths for AI to travel
  • removed annoying white pixels on road intersections
  • description text changed
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Steam Workshop | Download

Surprise release: Southeast Angola 1974

July 21, 2018 by IceBreakr

Hey folks! I got a new terrain for you and your buddies: Southeast Angola 1974. Island has been created in honor of Recce 1 Commando Lt. Freddie Zeelie that died in combat operation in 1974.


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Steam Workshop | Download

New Year, New versions of islands :)

January 12, 2018 by IceBreakr

All of my released islands were updated to v3.9 as they are now using enhanced graphical settings so they look even more realistic. Thanks to CUP Team devs (especially you, Taro) for all the help! Mapmaking is my passion and you can help speed up the process of me releasing new islands (Balkania, Rowalla Sierra Leone, Keystone USA, Tonal Legend Reborn, etc.!) by making a donation via Patreon or Paypal. Thank you!

New islands & changelogs:

Panthera 3.9 | Changelog
Isla Abramia 3.9 | Changelog
Isla Duala 3.9 | Changelog

December is here, so is Isla Abramia 1.9!

December 2, 2017 by IceBreakr

Enjoy and since mapmaking is my hobby, try to donate via Patreon or Paypal if you like my stuff ;)

  • whole new sector added North-East: Island Serval
  • three new sectors to explore, more room to hide the armor & rebel training camps ;)
  • Rickwood sector on Northwest (3 towns, connected by bridges near Pepinal and Sakovo)
  • new central river with town of Belluco
  • new village or Roselock on North with spacious rural area
  • Northeast of Roselock you can find Fake Town, constructed by military for training purposes
  • Mt. Rooker has a new hotel complex on top
  • alternative scenario as islands of Rickwood & Vandella declare independence from Abramia
  • fixed scope RPT errors for panelak buildings
  • bridges are destructible now
  • added ILS for Prato island runway
  • massive overhaul of vegetation, added details
  • additional terrain smoothing and optimization
  • several tweaks and improvements

Downloads available from:
Isla Abramia 1.9 (152 MB 7-zip) | Isla Abramia Steam Workshop | Isla Abramia WithSix


Oct 25, 2017 by IceBreakr

40th post for my 40th year ;) I would like to announce to my loyal fans of my Armaverse work that I've launched a Patreon Website in order to speed up the process of terrain making for Arma 3. Any modest donation will be greatly appreciated and I'll be able to invest a lot more of my time into the upcoming projects such as: Isla Balkania, Rowalla Sierra Leone, Jade Groove, Tonal Reloaded, Keystone USA etc. All of these are WIP (Work In Progress) but I need to invest a lot of my time in order that you'll see and play on them soon. Thank you!

p.s. of course, older maps will recieve updates, for example Isla Abramia 1.9 by the end of this month!

Oct 12, 2017 by IceBreakr

After a long unfruitful break waiting on BIS to release uncoded Apex assets as us mapmakers urgently need, I've decided to go ahead and find help within the community friends and squad buddies instead. Work continues on FAP Units, Isla Balkania, Jade Groove III, Rowalla & Abramia 1.9. Later one gets a new sector and completely remade realistic vegetation. I'll release ASAP when work is done on a single project, no dates set yet...

FAP Units v1.4

Apr 1, 2017 by IceBreakr

  • added Antonov An-12 for several factions (GAL, MOL, CEC) and civilian airlines operating on my islands
  • fixed bug with M1911 recoil, recoil is working properly but gun budge is not animated
  • added police officers to Molatia faction
  • changed native Molatian language to French (finally, yay)
  • proper icons for most of police uniforms in the inventory
  • small saturation fix on Cecanian uniform
  • added stack of US dollars as the pickable item (ask on BIF if you need help setting items as inventory)
  • removed A2/CUP dependency for Zetaborns, they use correct A3 particles/sounds
  • updated police car texture for Abramia (for beacons/lightbars to appear just use 3DEN editor!)
Download available at:
FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) 1.4 (200 MB 7-zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

Lingor & Dingor 3.82!

Apr 1, 2017 by IceBreakr

  • fixed several displaced road pieces
  • removed some underwater stuff not supposed to be there
  • fixed heights and missing ending road piece NW of Calamar
  • additional terrain smoothing
  • mirrored all fixes to Dingor Island
Downloads available from:
Download Lingor 3.82 (500MB 7zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

FAP Units v1.3


Mar 10, 2017 by IceBreakr

  • GAL main assault rifle replaced with M16A2, Grenadier & Officer keep their AUG A1/GL
  • fixed: one Anti-Air soldier type carried a RPG bag
  • new visual and sound effects for Zetaborns (Alienz)
  • alien carbine (Z10) now looks a bit different to a rifle (Z15A)
  • tweaked Alien AT weapons and they now engage ground and air targets
  • fixed recoil on M1911 .45
  • 5 Thugs added to Molatian faction (Civilians with fancy T-shirts)
  • made Steyr Aug firing sounds recorded in Austria a bit more loud
  • many other smaller fixes
Download available at:
FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) 1.3 (158 MB 7-zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

Lingor & Dingor 3.81!

Feb 25, 2017 by IceBreakr

New release with a lot of changes. And this time Dingor comes to Arma 3
  • alternative desert version of my otherwise lush jungle map ;)
    • substantial terrain smoothing & various improvements
    • removed CUP CWA dependency (buildings error popup)
    • built four new bridges, rivers are now inter-connected (great for boat patrols)
    • rebuilt the central river area, new remote settlement on an isle
    • fixed long bridges so vehicles don't sink into the asphalt
    • added: Dingor
    • alternative desert version map!
    • fixed rally path (increased visibility)
    • added more docks to settlements
    • enabled dust effects for vehicles and units
    • replaced wrong in/out signs for town of Vidora
    • several road and terrain fixes
    Downloads available from:
    Download Lingor 3.81 (500MB 7zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

    Isla Duala 3.8 arrives

    Feb 3, 2017 by IceBreakr

    • enabled dust effects for vehicles and units
    • new improved satellite texture with 1m/px resolution
    • fixed oasis height near Djolan
    • remade North-Eastern island of Mangomak ;)
    • several road and terrain fixes
    You can grab it on Steam Arma3 Workshop, Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (252 MB 7-zip):

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Xmas! Panthera 3.7 (inc. Winter version)

    Dec 23, 2016 by IceBreakr

    • added Winter version: Winter Panthera aka Winthera ;)
    • fixed grass on Airport Lesce runway
    • terrain smoothing
    • improved satellite image
    • several smaller fixes
    You can grab it on Steam Arma3 Workshop, Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (412 MB 7-zip):

    Isla Abramia 1.8 is here!

    December 16, 2016 by IceBreakr

    Enjoy ;)

    • whole new sector added North-East: Island Serval
    • new towns: Serval and Skelter
    • improved satellite image
    • added missing Beltraz town mapmarker
    • added flag texture (ibr\abramia\flags\flag_abramia_co.paa)
    • various bugfixes

    Downloads available from:
    Isla Abramia 1.8 (152 MB 7-zip) | Isla Abramia Steam Workshop | Isla Abramia WithSix

    Lingor 3.8 out for Arma3!

    December 11, 2016 by IceBreakr

    Here is the latest version of Lingor for Arma 3. Lingor has become one of the most played maps for Arma 2 and Arma 3 (over 35,800 users just on Steam Workshop!). Enjoy ;)

    • fixed runway numbers at Aeropuerto Sargento (near Calamar)
    • smoothed out terrain
    • improved satellite texture
    • fixed displaced road pieces at several places
    • added three flag texture locations to readme file
    • removed submerged camp from Medlina
    • added Municipal office to Calamar
    • moved start date to non full-moon day/night
    • replaced several palm tree types with new ones (tnx CypeRevenge & Ben Rampling)
    • several smaller fixes

    Downloads available from:
    Download Lingor 3.8 (300MB 7zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

    FAP Units v1.2


    Nov 26, 2016 by IceBreakr

    New update of my units (for my islands)
  • now at v1.2. Enjoy ;)

    • added a thing or two ;) (Update: new faction Alienz | Zetaborn)
    Download available at:
    FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) 1.2 (200 MB 7-zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

    FAP Units v1.15


    Oct 7, 2016 by IceBreakr

    I've released a slighty updated 1.15 of the FAP Units
  • an addon that features all the armies for my islands along with new weapons and equipment. 1.15 has new Steyr sounds recorded in Austria and no more ItemScope warning upon the start.

    • got rid of that nasty new Apex error notices (ItemInfo.scope)
    • recorded new Steyr Aug A1 sounds from Austria ;)
    Download available at:
    FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) 1.15 (120 MB 7-zip) | Steam Workshop | WithSix

    Panthera as a tourism promotor? ;)


    Jul 27, 2016 by IceBreakr

    George Brooks made my day. How? He sent me a pic of real-life Panthera with the following pic & text:

    "Enjoying my first night in Ukanc. Love the national park in real life almost as much as in game"

    It seems people love Panthera so much they eventually come to a visit to see how the real-life version looks here in NW Slovenia ;) I hope I can catch a beer with him ;)

    Here comes the sand.


    Jul 23, 2016 by IceBreakr

    So, most of my A2 stuff in now in A3, except the units that got donated to me in A2 but I don't have a clue how to convert them in A3 or even get such permissions. After all it's a new game. I will issue a small patch to Lingor in upcoming days and then I "hit the sand": Jade Groove map is coming to Arma 3 with focus on three sided warfare (similiar to Abramia), A2 players will be a bit shocked since I've changed it a lot from the original design. After that I will probably give you remake of an OFP classic: Tonal
  • Legend Reloaded. Balkania is done (roads, vegetation) but Tanoa brought so much new stuff that can be used, so I'm thinking of including those assets. Problem is that those assets are still encrypted and it will probably take months for them to get unlocked to the Armaverse Community. Anyhow... another map in the making is Rowalla, based on real data terrain in Sierra Leone. I will certainly have to use Tanoa assets to improve the look of this map prior to beta release to the public. As you can see, I have a looot of work on my hands. I've been offered several hands in the past but usually that only meant I've been counting on folks that took away months of waiting on false promises. Take care, please donate so I can find more time to wrap up my islands to you, the community. Thank you.

    Isla Abramia 1.7


    Jul 21, 2016 by IceBreakr

    First of all
  • sorry for the borked up previous version. Almost all of the object height were wrong with the latest compile. What is even worse is that I've lost complete source files of the island, but after 1 week of work managed to retrieve all of them from backup and with help of awesome community (Mikero & Pennyworth, tnx!).

    • fixed object positions that got borked up in 1.66
    • improved graphics: satellite texture, middle texture and clutter
    • removed default 5 percent fog setting, use Zeus advanced fog that is based on proper height
    • smaller object placement fixes
    Download available at:
    Isla Abramia 1.7 (192.7 MB 7-zip) | Isla Abramia Steam Workshop | Isla Abramia WithSix

    Isla Abramia 1.66 & Lingor 3.66!

    Jul 6, 2016 by IceBreakr

    I've updated Lingor out of beta and also upgraded Isla Abramia. Both islands now work with 1.60 patch of A3 (proper skies & lighting). You can grab both islands on Steam Arma3 Workshop, Play WithSix or click links below to start the download:
    Isla Abramia 1.7 (192.7 MB 7-zip)
    Lingor Island 3.66
  • Download Subpage

    Kablaam! Isla Duala 3.66

    Jun 30, 2016 by IceBreakr

    • fixed skies & lighting that got wrecked with release of official patch 1.60+
    • improved satellite image graphics
    • removed dependency of Island Panthera & ibr_rn.pbo
    • removed dependency of CUP Terrains Maps, only CUP Terrains Core is required
    • added runway lights to both main paved airports
    You can grab it on Steam Arma3 Workshop, Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (241 MB 7-zip):

    Panthera 3.66 arrives! Enjoy!

    Jun 30, 2016 by IceBreakr

    • fixed runway marker pieces that somehow got wrecked by Terrain Builder application
    • removed dependency to CUP Terrains Maps, only Core is required!
    • optimized lighting settings
    • improved ground textures
    • added runway lights to Boriana Airbase
    • added streetlights to several villages and towns
    • added new long bridge connecting Savagia and Maleficio islands
    • various smaller fixes
    You can grab it on Steam Arma3 Workshop, Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (182 MB 7-zip):

    Panthera 3.6 is here, others coming soon!

    Jun 22, 2016 by IceBreakr

    As you probably all know, BIS broke custom maps/islands with the relase of patch 1.60. Without any info on new lighting settings we (the mod makers) were left with countless nights of testing & repeat procedure... as so many times before. I present you Island Panthera with updated lighting and several optimizations. Other islands will be released in following days as I'm still tweaking settings for them.

    • fixed skies & lighting that got wrecked with release of official patch 1.60+
    • lakes now visible via CUP Terrains, but still buggy with fog present
    • road and roadside object tweaks
    • dded runway and other lights to airports except Boriana (wip)
    • replaced ibr_rn.pbo addon with optimised ibr_pantheraobjects.pbo
    You can grab it on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (193 MB 7-zip):

    Isla Abramia 1.3

    May 12, 2016 by IceBreakr

    Several fixed incorporated into this version. Have fun! See changelog.txt for more info.

    You can grab the map on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (180 MB 7-zip):

    Urgent new release: Isla Abramia 1.22!

    May 5, 2016 by IceBreakr

    I've managed to fix all the v1.1 reported bugs and added a new smaller island with Mental Asylum for those zombie missions ;) enjoy! See changelog in the archive for more info. If you are experiencing missing grass clutter disable addon Island Panthera A3 (@panthera_a3). I'll release an update for Panthera soon.

    You can grab the map on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (177 MB 7-zip):

    Finally: Isla Abramia 1.1!

    Apr 28, 2016 by IceBreakr

    New version is up, huge island added southeast of mainland.

    You can grab the map on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (180 MB 7-zip):

    Isla Duala 3.5 arrives

    Apr 14, 2015 by IceBreakr

    • fixed the issue with AI jumping/swimming on lower heights of terrain
    • removed units and weapons as they are now part of a new addon named: FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack Units)
    • improved middle and normal satellite texture
    • couple of small fixes
    You can grab it on Play WithSix or click picture below to get to download subpage:

    Finally: Isla Abramia 1.0 for Arma 3 is here!

    Mar 17, 2016 by IceBreakr

    After couple of delays the map is finally here. But first, enjoy the launch trailer I've put up for you guys. Features Slovenian singer Anja Bas with her song Set me Free.

    You can grab the map on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (165 MB 7-zip):

    Mirrors: Armaholic |

    Isla Abramia MP Opening Party complete! V1.0 on the way!

    Feb 28, 2016 by IceBreakr

    32+ people joined my event this Thursday and we've had a blast on the island in a Joint Op Coop effort to strike a first blow to the Cecanian Army that overtook the Isla Abramia.
    Several videos of the event are out, enjoy ;)

    Latest bugfixes are being made and Isla Abramia v1.0 & FAP Units v1.0 will roll out this week with a new event this Thursday!

    Isla Abramia coming this week & MP Coop party event!

    Feb 23, 2016 by IceBreakr

    New island is coming this week and on Thursday we're having a opening party
  • Coop multiplayer event. Can you make it? 40 slots reserved.

    Happy New Year! And a small teaser shot ;)

    Jan 4, 2016 by IceBreakr

    Updated download pages & island addon requirements

    Dec 29, 2015 by IceBreakr

    I've updated Isla Duala, Panthera and Lingor download subpages. Usage of a new addon CUP Terrains is required if you want to play A3 versions of these islands. It is succesor of AIATP that served well for past years, but it has several advantages and improvements. Enjoy & send me some missions for me & my team to play ;)

    CUP Terrains v1.0

    Dec 25 Xmas, 2015 by IceBreakr

    First of all, Merry Xmas! Secondly, the long wait is finally OVER!. Enjoy CUP Terrains, ibr_plants is included in the project since the today's release. I've been a small contributor to a project in recent weeks. It is a successor of AIA TP & A3MP, so I recommend you to use it with all my islands ;)

    Panthera 3.36 is here!

    Nov 26, 2015 by IceBreakr

    Enjoy the latest update ;)

    • new huge island: Savagia (inc. Felis Prison and couple of small settlements)
    • connected Savagia to Rubina with bridge
    • enabled dust effects for all terrain types
    • hangar height fix @ FOB Boriana
    • smoothened asphalt runways @ FOB Boriana
    • removed vegetation from two buildings in Rubina
    • removed tree from a road near Southeast Rubina gas station
    • rock fix at Vulcano Turk
    • removed lamppost from river in Arapovo
    • various other tweaks
    You can grab it on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (265 MB 7-zip):

    Panthera 3.35 is here!

    August 12, 2015 by IceBreakr

    After almost one year, I bring you a substantial update to one of the most popular A2/A3 maps
  • Island Panthera. About time, eh? ;)

    • added two new huge islands: Fortieste and Isla Rubina
    • additional terrain smoothing and various improvements
    • improved satellite image design
    • replaced bugged bridges with new ones, AI now drives over them!
    • removed two bushes growing out of the road
    • fixed fountain height at Malcolm's Hacienda on Dino Island
    • substantial military upgrade of Armybase/FOB Boriana
    You can grab it on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (265 MB 7-zip):

    Three of my islands share top three spots! #soproud #arma2

    September 4, 2015 by IceBreakr

    Armaholic, this link made my day. So proud, so happy to see so many gamers enjoying my work.

    Lingor is out for Arma3! #beta

    September 3, 2015 by IceBreakr

    I've released my first A3 version of highly anticipated A2 hit
  • Lingor Island. Please do test and report back if you find any serious issues or bugs. Thank you and enjoy!
    You can grab it on Play WithSix, Armaholic or click picture below to start the download (300 MB 7-zip):
    Download Lingor 3.0beta for Arma 3 (300MB 7zip)

    Isla Duala 3.35

    August 12, 2015 by IceBreakr

    New version 3.35 it out.
    • fixed Taris Island lowlands because BIS has a bug on terrains high 5 metres or less (waves effect through solid ground)
    • fixed the satellite image bug on Southeast
    • improved Afrenian Kamaz truck & Leo2 tank textures
    • 90s Afrenian medic & squad leader have primary weapons now
    • more soldiers are wearing protective gear now
    • couple of smaller fixes, road smoothing, removed some roadside obstacles
    You can grab it on Play WithSix or click picture below to start the download (260 MB 7-zip):

    Isla Duala 3.33

    July 23, 2015 by IceBreakr

    Duala just got updated to 3.33. For all of those who downloaded v3.3 previously today, please DELETE IT and use v3.33. I've had to hotfix it because of missing sounds. To make it up I've added improved textures for Leo 2A4 Evo and new Fenneks for Afrenian scout unit ;)
    • added vast new region: Taris Island on North
    • over 332,000 placed objects
    • various improvements (satellite texture, coastline)
    • 90s Afrenian rifleman is now armed
    • added intro with towns (load island in Editor then return to main menu)
    • added Kamaz open & covered trucks for both factions
    • added Fennek (unarmed & HMG) to Afrenian scout vehicles
    • added Leopard 2A4 Evolution to Afrenian Army (Molatia has to rely on Russian RHS tanks for now, heh)
    • primary weapons made compatible with new bipod function (no more sinking in the ground)
    Click on the picture to start the download (267 MB 7-zip):

    Work resumes :)

    April 2, 2015 by IceBreakr

    A certain awesome guy named Silola brought me back to mapmaking and ended my pause (caused by outdated tool still not providing option to make map vegetation properly). #xcamftw

    Isla Duala 3.21 is out.

    February 19, 2015 by IceBreakr

    Duala just got updated to 3.21. Yaay! ;)
    • vertical grid numbers start in bottom left corner now (as on Altis)
    • some central border pass areas flattened and made AI friendly
    • AI is now able to pass all river passes, except concrete bridges (will be dealt with later, new bridge in production)
    • removed fog from default weather setting
    • save/load now works in SP
    • numerous fixes incorporated in unit configs (special tnx to Sahbazz)
         fixed: cops now have uniforms on dedicated servers, too
         added: uniform pictures for inventory
         fixed: uniforms on ground have a proper camo texture now
         added: "ItemCompass" to inventory of units
         tweaked: ironsight CQB view & GL sight for Steyr Aug A1s
         added: RPG reload animation, but just the default one from A3
         added: Zeus compatibility (scopeCurator = 2;)
         changed: unit "ibr_soldier" class from "I_Soldier_TL_F" to "B_Soldier_base_F"
         added: cost, camoflage and sensitivity to units
         "ibr_soldier" and "ibr_soldier_2" added weapons an items of regular soldiers for template porpose
         renamed: "ibr_afr_soldier" to "ibr_afr_soldier_lite" Off Duty soldier
         renamed: "ibr_mol_soldier" to "ibr_mol_soldier_lite" Off Duty soldier
         made some visual adjustments to code, so it looks nicer
         flag textures for both countries are available under ibr_duala_molafr\flags\flag_mol_ca.paa + ibr_duala_molafr\flags\flag_afr_ca.paa
    Click on the picture to start the download (249 MB 7-zip):

    Isla Duala 3.2: Units & Weapons Included!

    February 12, 2015 by IceBreakr

    Pssst! Duala 3.2 is out, this time infantry units included... and weapons too ;) Big thanks to all participants to the project, especially nzdfcrash!
    • added: UNITS! Molatian and Afrenian Infantry along with weapons (RPK, PKM, AKM, AKMS, Steyr Aug A1, SVD Dragunov, RPG7, etc.)
    • added: Afrenian policemen with new weapons (AR-15 and M1911)
    • added: dust/particle effects for all surfaces (tnx Kju for help)
    • added: ammoboxes with gear for both armies (Ammo>Afrenian Gear, Ammo>Molatian Gear)
    • workers brough buldozers to Aeroporto Swonto Pinley and flattened some of the bumps
    • improved coastline, added a lot more detail
    • slight military upgrades to the Kinsella and Bolabongo airports
    • Afrenians claimed central-west island and built a Vestinga settlement there after they discovered ruins of an ancient fortress there
    • Molatians are threatening with invasion of the Vestinga so Afrenians built the Katakabi Armybase on West coast
    • reworked three oasis areas, they don't use obsolete A2 pond object anymore
    • removed: St. Trisha island, replaced with huge Suidorra Region (towns/villages: Lukasa, Imalia, Solon, Boona, Campolongo)
    • Molatians bombarded the Solon village on SE to retailate for Afrenian new Vestinga settlement in border zone, new war is on horizon
    • updated island selector preview picture of the map
    Click on the picture to start the download (261 MB 7-zip):

    Now let me see some cool missions! >:)

    Latest happenings

    February 6, 2015 by IceBreakr

    Dcal produced yet another masterpiece you can see here
  • showcasing my Island Panthera for A3: My jaw still hurts from the drop to the desktop table ;)
    With monetization in question I'm holding back any new island releases except Isla Duala that is ready for yet another update, this time featuring big new sectors to discover and... yes, units of Molatia and Afrene! Units were produced by talented nzdfcrash, thanks mate! Release date? Soon.

    Merry Christmas: Isla Duala for A3!

    November 21, 2014 by IceBreakr

    I present you my second island for Arma 3: "already famous" Isla Duala, played by many (20000+ people) in A2. Improved A3 version (see changelog!) is now ready to roll out in Arma 3. Also, on Friday 26th at 2100 Central European Time, to honor the release of Duala for A3, I host a special Multiplayer Coop/TvT event
  • Bloody Xmas, be sure to JOIN THE PARTY
  • all information how to do that is available here. Click on the picture to start the download (190 MB 7-zip):

    See you on the battlefield soldier!

    Island Panthera for A3 patched to v3.1

    November 27, 2014 by IceBreakr

    • massive improvement of hills & mountains (rock formations)
    • fixed runway markings to correct specs (magnetic azimuth of the runway's heading in decadegrees)
    • set up some basic lightning on streets in bigger towns
    • ice_zoofence warning eliminated
    • replaced couple of houses with new A3 ones
    • new factory and warehouses in Porto Ritmo
    • upgraded Visitor's Center to Villa structure
    • fixed carwreck location (059093)
    • removed dual building (091003)
    • ammo bunker extended to hill (081011)
    • guard tower now facing road (095031)
    • tweaked river crossings heights on Nuba
    Enjoy the new version, be sure to use new keys for dedicated servers. Click on the picture to start the download (240 MB 7-zip):

    My first Arma 3 island released: Panthera!

    November 21, 2014 by IceBreakr

    I present you my latest work after a very long time
  • Arma 3 leaped out of "beta" state and now offers trully enjoyable experience (of course, with mods like AGM). Enjoy ;) Click on the picture to start the download (240 MB 7-zip):

    Website moved to Amsterdam, A3 islands etc.

    Oct 14, 2014 by IceBreakr

    As you've probably noticed on this BIF topic, I've announced several islands for Arma 3. I've spent weeks figuring out new tools that Bohemia recently supplied with the game. Many things remain "same-old" but island makers need a lot of time to figure bunch of new stuff, too. So, expect to see more islands coming in 2014 and 2015! ;)
    I've also moved my website to Amsterdam, submenu navigator is fixed now, sorry about that.
    p.s. if you hate how Arma 3 plays with all the sci-fi nonsense and you miss ACE2 from A2, I recommend you check out AGM mod, it's awesome and my team uses it in all squadnights. We got to love A3 with it.

    Balkania for A3: Confirmed!

    Aug 26, 2014 by IceBreakr

    Did the first private test of Balkania v0.1 for Arma 3, works perfectly. SBP Team will get a test session date soon, but I need figure out a lot of new stuff & invest a lot of hours into the mapmaking ;)

    Hello Arma 3!

    Jul 16, 2014 by IceBreakr

    Hey guys. It's sure been a long time. A3 is shaping up nicely with the latest patches and we (my SBP Team) even found some great fun in squadnights with couple of installed mods in the past few weeks. I get a lot of requests to bring my work to A3 so I'm slowly returning to the scene. A lot of things are new so I need to learn couple of new tricks... I hope to see my maps (even brand new ones) in A3 this year ;)

    Switching to A3? Not there yet, not so soon...

    September 15, 2013 by IceBreakr

    Oh gosh, no easy way to say this... but here it goes: I'm rather dissapointed with the state that Arma 3 is currently in. Along with many teammates that I share my squadnights with. What state exactly am I talking about? More "beta feeling" than ever before (decade of previous titles: A1,A2,OFP). We got a 1.0xxx release (final) with missing furniture from all of the buildings, some buildings even have no damage models (or tank shells are bugged, dunno yet), no female characters (even civilians), futuristic weaponry that I would gladly change for some of the current stuff on market (I'm an avid real-steel fan), etc.
    On the other hand we have some serious advances and nifty features, but I'm more of a gameplay guy than "candy"-lover. We got a huge Altis island that is really well done (kudos to author/s) but not a single transportation plane to use its airstrips (choppers and other vehicles are way too slow). Not to mention serious bugs, like placable editor objects that have unfinished models...
    Therefore I've decided I will wait with conversion of my A2 islands at least until game gets patched up to more "serious" state and/or we get updated mapmaking tools. I EXPLICITELY DO NOT ALLOW any of my work being used in Arma 3 game, nor any reverse engineering (debinarizing, dePBOing, editing for private/team/public use). I do not feel that Arma 3 game captures a "right mil-sim feeling" in current state. It feels a lot more BF-ish to me (main reason is probably because of unit/side balancing that should really not happen ever in a true modern military simulation). But I know that Bohemia has a capable team and never leaves community behind. They will surely patch up the game and properly assist the modding community and make A3 a true successor to a classic game that A2 is. We just need to give them time. I'll be leaving on a short roadtrip (armed with a brand new A3-capable laptop, hehe) and have eyes on the A3 progress. Semper Fidelis, yours truly.

    Farewell to Arma2: New island Fapovo v1.0!

    August 22, 2013 by IceBreakr

    Before the A3 release and major update to my islands (if new A3 compatible tools will eventually arrive anytime soon after the final release) I would like to present my first 5-m grid map, fictional island of Fapovo! It is a 5x5km area map with two islands and 3 runways (1 is unpaved), euro-like vegetation and made with Red Dawn (80s movie) missions in mind. See more details in the supplied readme file. Fapovo requires you to have Panthera and Lingor islands installed (activated via mod line). Enjoy ;) Click on the picture to start the download (77 MB 7-zip):

    Update: Alienz Mod v1.1

    June 13, 2013 by IceBreakr

    • fixed non-alien night vision (MP compatibility)
    • added first/last names of aliens
    • added energy rifle reload sound
    • added a simple aiming sight for a rifle
    Click on the picture to start download (7-zip, 52.6 MB)

    CoOp Mission pack: Green Cyclone

    May 24, 2013 by IceBreakr

    A small 6-mission coop/sp pack (for up to 25 players) for all the guys enjoying Lingor 1.5 and Unsung Mod 2.5. You also need Lingor Units, Alienz Mod (only 6th mission) and Predator Mod (only 6th mission).
    It is year 1976, one year after the war in vietnam ended by the fall of Saigon. But there is another war still raging on the small isle of Bantanam near the Lingor island. It seems Vietcong forces took the island by suprise in 1976 and US conducted a silent operation: they sent a special BAD (Bravo/Alpha/Delta units) team to neutralize this threat spreading over the borders of Vietnam. But there is something much more bigger than VC threat going over there...

    Click on the picture to start download (7-zip, 1.1 MB)

    Special release: Alienz Mod v1.0!

    May 19, 2013 by IceBreakr

    Well, we are all a bit tired of killing zombies, so here come the Alienz ;) some of you know these guys from old Isla Duala Full release, they were later removed from newer updates. They are now back with a stand-alone release, including BadBenson's outstanding work on new model. You probably know him from several other amazing things he did for armaverse community. Be sure to check out readme file for all the details, such as classnames ;)
    Mod features:
    • infantry alien units
    • Zetaborn faction under Independent side
    • two alien tanks
    • three alien spaceships
    Click on the picture to start download (7-zip, 52.6 MB)

    Lingor v1.5

    May 16, 2013 by IceBreakr

    Guess what day it is? May 16. Exactly one year(pheew time flies!) after the last release of Lingor Island. It is about time I unveil the updated version 1.5, eh? ;)
    • numerous changes, extra 200+ hours put in!
    • redesigned NW part of the map, added riverlines and two new towns
    • added new jungle island Bantanam on East (on request)
    • recommended for Unsung/VTE mod experience!
    • roadworkers smoothed out main roads near Maruko
    • forest changes, added detail
    • factory height fix in Benio, etc.

    Back from Vacation :)

    April 2, 2013 by IceBreakr

    A3 alpha is out, but I won't be releasing any islands until we get at least a beta, I also don't allow any use of my user-made content for A3 that is not released by me. Good news for all A2 users
  • I'm back from a long rest, a bit of news what is scheduled for near future: Lingor 1.5, new Panthera, a Winthera (winter version), Alienz Mod and much more ;)

    After two long years... Panthera 2.9!

    December 27, 2012 by IceBreakr

    I took some extra time to polish the details on v2.8 and fix couple of issues reported by betatesters. We have v2.9 official release now, yaay! :)

    End is coming soon?!

    December 18, 2012 by IceBreakr

    To all the people believing that, here's a way to donate your money as you won't be needin' it anymore after that date :)

    Panthera 2.8 is coming soon!

    November 22, 2012 by IceBreakr

    After couple of years it is time to update this map. Especially now that so many of you are playing Dayz mod on it ;) Major changes are: smoothened out terrain, lower hills, less crowded (able to put down bases), new forests with more diversity (logs, rocks), brand new Lesce airbase (heavily upgraded) and Town of Arnoldstein. A new island is now present near Panthera, just NW of Arnoldstein and offers nice open woodland area for training and combat. Release date? Not set yet... but in December for sure.

    Isla Duala 1.97!

    October 25, 2012 by IceBreakr

    It's been a long time since my last update to Isla Duala map (June 2011!). Since island is still one of the most played in Armaverse, I took two weeks to fix all (well, most at least) reported bugs. I hope you'll be happy with all the changes, especially increased town of Bolabongo, Molatia. Be aware that when using Panthera or Lingor, Duala 1.97 has an updated ibr_plants.pbo file with new objects, so delete the addon from other mod folders! Download 1.97 naaoow ;)
    • Town Bolabongo upgraded, new Dendala District
    • added final brg_africa v1.24
    • fixed grid offset for artillery
    • smoothed out road near Numbo and Ursana
    • new clearing E of Mawimbela near river pass
    • new factory and a farm near Kirabo
    • further improvements to satmap
    • upgraded the Pumado Armybase
    • Canto armybase slight update
    • aircraft now taxi correctly at Kinsella Intl. runway
    • upgraded landing system lights at Kinsella Intl. & Aeroporto Molatia Intl. runways on W and E sides
    • activated oil pumps
    • presidental palace added to Bolabongo outskirts
    • added three Molatian forts, used for defense of Bolabongo
    • added new warehouses for Molatian army
    • massive redesign of beaches
    • added more detail and cover spots suck as rock formations
    • several smaller bugfixes
  • Units changes:
    • vehicle classes for Viggens and AS-350 Squirrels now use standard Air class
    • unarmed AS350 Squirrel versions dont have a graphics glitch anymore
    • 7x FFAR Launcher on AS350 has a proper display name
    • replaced Leopard 1A5 crew from Rifleman to Crewman
    • Leopard sound distance fixed, new realistic engine sounds
    • removed zetaborn faction
    • tweaked Mig-21 handling / control sensitivity
    • replaced Mig-21 sounds with improved real recordings
    • Mig-21's UB32Launcher now has correct 57mm rockets, half-load in each launcher
    • removed old texture flags from Pinzgauers
    • crew of T-55 changed to correct one
    • new gunfire sound of Afrenian Steyr AUG
    • new Molatian soldier: Trashtalker (AKM), he likes to trash talk to human players

  • Pssst... new projects ;)

    September 18, 2012 by IceBreakr

    Two new projects are underway. First one is "Project Massacra" aka Isla Balkania, map based on area from RL Slovenia & Croatia with added fictious areas. It will be intended for large scale two-sided & three-sided warfare missions. Second one is a secret (well, not anymore since I posted it here) little project that will satisfy all those who want a US map ;) all I can tell now is that it is based in Alabama. We will do an "Alien Invasion" mission on it when it gets released. Keep checking official BI forums ;)

  • Dingor 1.0
  • Desert version of Lingor!
  • June 3, 2012 by IceBreakr

    I've released Dingor v1.0
  • an alternative desert version of Lingor Island! It still requires Lingor files and you can grab the 88MB 7zip pack from my Lingor Download page.

    Class list for all Lingor units

    May 31, 2012 by IceBreakr

    Here you can grab the always updated list of unit classes, used in missions. Hopefully that comes handy for all the mission makers.

    Bugs fixed
  • here is Lingor Island v1.4!
  • May 17, 2012 by IceBreakr

    In the lush green corner, weighting 413 megs, is Lingor Island 1.4! :) I would like to thank all that contributed to this version and helped me find numerous bugs that have been squashed! Be sure to check out credits in readme file or see the listed heroes on two posters near Maruko main airport terminal ;) Download it here.

    Lingor Units v1.3 finally out!

    May 13, 2012 by IceBreakr

    In the lush green corner, weighting 359 megs, is Lingor Units! :) After numerous hours spend on this, I present you expansion for my island: Lingor Units v1.3! All this would not be possible without the help of many members of community, so be sure to check out credits in readme file. Download it here.

    Lingor v1.337 goes LIVE!

    April 5, 2012 by IceBreakr

    As I've promised, Lingor v1.337 is out on this day. So far without units (Lite version), but it weights 411 megs 7-zipped. You can grab it here. I'll be adding new mirrors soon, so please let me know if you're hosting! Thanks guys, its been a tough ride and I hope you'll enjoy playing it as I've been making it ;)

    Reporting live from Dressen

    March 9, 2012 by Nathalie Vern

    Hi, I'm Nathalie Vern from SBP News and I've been assigned to provide news & latest happenings here on Lingor.

    I'm currently situated in town of Dressen, Southwest part of the country. I really like the scenery here, I've never heard of this southern part before I actually got here just a week ago. There is much less vegetation, a bit more open terrain with many hills. This peninsula has couple of villages and towns.

    Here is a photo I took from a cessna when approaching Dressen airfield (below).

    Biggest town is Dressen that lies in center. There is a bank, hotel, school, many inns and shops, factory and a very large fire station. Station is on alert for an entire peninsula and of course to react to any airport accidents. Oh yes, right beside town is is a long dirtstrip. Cessna-like planes take off and land all day long, so there's a lot of activity. I've also seen a big Hercules transporter land here yesterday, but pilot had to use the entire length to put the big bird in the sky. Intense moment, I might say

    Many people ask "what are there so many runways" but many parts of Lingor are so remote that getting around with small planes is by far the quickest way. Local businessman Mike is operating a company Kiwi Rocket Ltd. and owns a a small fleet of M7 Maule airplanes. He says tourists and local businessmen are two key $$$ makers. He told me that his company even makes quick cargo drops/pickups to north Pista runway or San Arulco improvised strip, both places are just a few kilometers away! He says that people are glad to pay big bucks as roads are usually full of rebel checkpoints. I've seen at least four cars riddled with bullets when driving to Dressen from Maruko capital.

    I took a cab to a Southeast coast to a beeeautiful Medlina seaside resort town just hours ago. Town lies below the largest mountain and offers so many to tourists staying here. I've met a Dutch couple yesterday that are here for the past 2 months and they said they absolutely love it. Especially local cuisine. Sure, cuisine.

    Couple told me that tourists are afraid and like to keep away from the countryside. There are many powerful landlords living in this part of country and there is a word that major drug production is actually underway right in this sector. Numerous villas around here are usually fortified with high walls. Police is practically non-existent as armed village guards patrol the streets instead. So seeing a pickup truck with a large machinegun is something quite normal around here. I've also seen a lot of russian-made trucks travel around here in convoys and armed men stare at us from the back cargo spaces. I should not be guessing but the word on the street is that drug cartels are the ones running things around here. FEA government put out an arrest warrant on a wealthy local man Ramon Rabante. Ramon is believed to be in close ties with ARL rebel movement, not to mention that he is getting dirty rich by his "export" business to Panthera, Isla Duala, Balkania, Sahrani and other nearby islands.

    After the last months full of conflict things cooled off a bit and ARL faction gained a huge influence in this sector and all the way up to Calapedro on North and Villon on east. ARL headquarters is still based in Calamar, but ARL is currently very active in newly built San Arulco, a cozy town that lies between Calapedro and Rosalia in Northwest Bay area. Government tried to stop the illegal constructions several times. Recent offensive by GAL last month didn't succeed as they were blocked by armed civilians. Government lost several Bell Huey helicopters and APCs in the process. ARL even managed to shoot down one government Mig-21, so GAL halted the offensive and blocked road at Checkpoint Oeste and river-pass on NW to San Fernando.

    Things are heating up again and Lingor is facing a all-out war once again. Local newspaper "Maruko Nacional" reports that country president EL Presidente acquired new A-4N Skyhawk bombers, Leopard tanks, french Eurocopter assault choppers, new armored transporters and a fleet of fast patrol boats to dominate the waters around Lingor and all river systems. GAL is stronger than ever and it seems ARL could be in trouble. War analysts predict that ARL will move into heavily populated areas and defend from there. ARL might get help from drug cartels in form of finances and new weapons. Reason for that? FEA/GAL announced a drug crackdown and will probably attack druglord villas with armed choppers and block off seaways with patrol boats. It is not even excluded that GAL will assist FEA forces by providing heavy armor.
    Reporting from Dressen Lingor
  • Nathalie Vern, SBP News.
    [Lingor v1.337 Release Date: March 2012 ]


    Added Panthera, Jade Groove info & files

    Feb 8, 2012 by IceBreakr

    I've added older projects to my website: Slovenian Panthera (aka remake of real-life NW Slovenia) and Jade Groove, post-apocalyptic map with nice feel of "Mad Max" movies. If you're not using these two projects, what are you waiting
  • enjoy, its free ;)

    *blip* Still alive.

    Dec 14, 2011 by IceBreakr

    Hi guys. Sorry for not keeping you up "in loop" on my website, but I've been busy with RL (business, newborn child etc.). Don't worry, community will get a new update (I've been working on it for past 2 months) of Lingor island and its units. Another good thing is that new Balkania island is getting closer to release (Q1/early Q2 2012).

    Lingor Island v1.3

    July 28, 2011 by IceBreakr

    Woop, there it is :)

    Lite version of Duala 1.95

    June 14, 2011 by IceBreakr

    Need island without units? Grab it from here.

    Release: Isla Duala 1.95!

    June 12, 2011 by IceBreakr

    After a long wait I'm happy with the current done work and I present to you a new update 1.95. It is a Full Version (Island,Units,Required Mods). Here is a full changelog v1.95:
    • removed dependency to CBA & MissileBox and added Myke's standalone ibr_missilebox for Viggen
    • incorporated new African Foliage 1.24t2 by Berghoff (AI now doesn't have any advantage over human players)
    • added two loading screens (intro, mission loader)
    • added more border fence openings (for AI behaviour)
    • fixed GPS grid accuracy
    • added two small concrete parking spots for planes on scramble alert
    • added new buildings to ibr_dtowns.pbo
    • built a new town Numbo in central Afrene border region with several outposts and Army HQ
    • added transport chopper: SA.342MT Gazelle (Molatian Airforce)
    • added gunship choppers: Gazelle (CAS) 12,7mm+2xTOW and AS-350 Squirrel (CAS) 20mm+7xHydra
    • fixed SU24 left engine glitch when starting mission in flying mode (tnx Wld427)
    • fixed T-55 turn-out anims and made a new Molatian camo for it
    • added Molatian Crewman, Molatian Commando and new Afrenian Rifleman (M16A2)
    • fixed Molatian camo (more blending into Dualan desert, tnx Sahbazz)
    • added more crossings over river, improved shores
    • upgraded Molatian prison camp in central region
    • added 4 soccer fields to biggest towns
    • built a new school in Engor
    • added bridges and new roadwork from mainland to NW and SW islands
    • improved coastline
    • improved zetaborn faction: new sounds, added spaceships & tanks
    • Afrenian Viggens are stand-alone now (Tnx Myke!)
    • Afrenian Viggens are compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now
    • Zetaborn faction is compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now
    • fixed Viggen gunpod, added new orange tracer ammo
    • added armed Datsun jeeps to both sides in skins: army, black and police (only AFR side)
    • fixed horizont on Squirrel chopper (tnx RKSL-Rock)
    • fixed the missing Pinzgauer sound
    • fixed the missing chopper voice name in radio protocol
    • new V2 signatures for increased server security
    • improved savannah ground texture (bump-map)
    • added Molatian Army's Group: Infantry-SpecOps
    • fixed soldier classes in Groups to default rifleman
    • added a mod logo

    Enough of sleep time :)

    May 27, 2011 by IceBreakr

    Ok guys, I'm "preping" the release of Isla Duala and Lingor updates, I hope you'll like the new improvements.

    I would also like to mention what means most to me in this community, letters like this
  • thank you K.!
      Dear IceBreakr,
      I just ended my lurking days and registered, only to deliver a heartfelt 'thank you' to you. I discovered your Lingor Island a while back and spend hours in simply driving around (or in low flight), and I really love it, and I've never seen a island better suited for Warfare than Duala.
      But it's Panthera that blew me away
    • I think no one's ever captured Central Europe that perfectly in an ArmA map. It's a beautiful piece of art. Kudos & thank you again,
      K., Berlin

    Big Thanks, Community!

    April 4, 2011 by IceBreakr

    I would like to express a BIGGG "Thank You" to all my supporters and also project contributors. I'm really glad so many people like my work and use islands regularly for their Arma2 gaming time. Also thanks for your votes in the nominations, with your help I've become a "Community Member of the Year 2010" and that really means a lot, since there are so many great guys working on so many awesome Arma2 addons and mods. It is a big confirmation that my work is not a futile effort. Thanks and... please stick around. It will be worth it ;)

    Duala 1.91

    March 25, 2011 by IceBreakr

    There is a new update 1.91, this time in Full (Island,Units,Required Mods) and Lite version (island only). I've fixed most of the reported bugs, so enjoy!
    • fixed island config (tnx PvPscene)
    • fixed transparency bug on Leopard 1A5
    • separated third-party addons to their @folder (so you can pick what to install)
    • added CBA's Extended Eventhandlers to @cba (needed by Viggen / Missile Box addon)
    • Viggen: config bugfix (tnx Sickboy/Myke) & new gray skin for Attack version
    • Su-24 Fencer: config bugfix (tnx Robalo_AS)
    • Steyr Aug A1 crosshair fix (tnx The_Blink)
    • Steyr Aug A1 config/model optimizations (tnx NZDF Crash & Robalo_AS)
    • improved terrain grid for GPS or/and ACE DAGR (tnx Robalo_AS)
    • increased armor and agression of zetaborn species, they also like to scare now
    • improved technology, enabled night-seeing of zetaborn species
    • Krak-B Launcher now locks air and ground targets

    Hello Africa, we're back: Duala 1.9!

    March 20, 2011 by IceBreakr

    Wld427/Vilas/IceBreakr present: Afrenian Leopard 1A5

    • new improved satellite image that brings Africa-feel to Arma
    • improved Berghoff's African Foliage (latest v1.23 is included, I believe)
    • added a factory to Bolabongo NE
    • added a small village, sawmill, patrol base and new paved road in the central forest region near the river
    • added a Refugee Camp in Central Afrene
    • added a fishing village and Afrenian army outpost on W island
    • added a small village Spookdorp on W island
    • flattened Molatian Hill West of central border crossing and added couple of border passes (for AI)
    • new detailed ground texture for hard surface
    • fixed RPT errors for configs missing that BIS still didn't add for p3ds in their pbos
    • performance optimizations
    • added Leopard A15 tank for Afrenian Army
    • added Su-24MK Fencer for Molatian Army
    • added MiG-21MF Fishbed for Molatian Army
    • added 3 more skins for AS350 Squirrel chopper (Tourism, Jungle, SpecOps and new Afrenian Camo)
    • fixed AS350 chopper speed to RL (cruise & top are now realistic)
    • Viggens and other airplanes/choppers use excellent Myke's MissileBox now
    • Afrenian soldier faces fixed and they now speak English
    • added Steyr Aug A1 as a new main assault rifle for Afrene
    • addded T72, BMP2 and Ural Truck for Molatian Army
    • fixed ammo for Molatian spotter
    • added radios to the armed civilians and rebels
    • added Afrenian & Molatian flags (ibr_dualaflags.pbo)
    • added a special faction (Zetaborn)
    • added pilots for Afrenian & Molatian side
    • important note(!): this version uses new bisign key files, so make sure you don't have old files (*.bisign) or you won't be able to join signed dedicated servers! Also delete ibr_pulsor.pbo, its obsolete in v1.9! Tip: You can delete duplicate bisign keys even when game is running and try rejoining then.

    Guess what... Lingor 1.1 is out :)

    January 13, 2011 by IceBreakr

    Australian F/A-18 over the Island Mariana, Lingor

    • added new Mariana Island just NE of Maruko
    • fixed rain and water sounds to be much lower
    • sounds are now local to Lingor only, not present on other islands
    • clutter config is now compatible with other islands
    • fixed final location of the riddle
    • fixed the island height near Calamar (trees in the water bug)
    • fixed the icon in the island selector menu (national flag)
    • fixed bush position clipping through wall in Maruko
    • fixed some plants near Tucos (tnx Lightspeed_aust)
    • added GAL, ARL & Venator flags (tnx W0lle for flag texture help)
    • removed tall grass from a building in Central South part
    • changed army checkpoint map marker colors to black not to confuse players with objective markers
    • optimized file sizes
    • important note(!): this version uses new bisign key files, so make sure you don't have duplicates (*lingor10.bisign) or you won't be able to join signed dedicated servers! Tip: You can delete duplicate bisign keys even when game is running and try rejoining then.

    WIP Report: Lingor v1.1 Beta test complete

    January 7, 2011 by IceBreakr

    SBP Team completed a beta test of Lingor v1.1. We found couple of small bugs and they will be fixed for the public release of v1.1. The cool thing of this patch is that a new interesting island is added to the NorthEast of Lingor. Its called Mariana and I've used it to test new texturing skillz. It has a certain "Sahrani" feeling to it and we can't wait to do another coop squadnight on it :)

    New year & Community Awards

    January 5, 2011 by IceBreakr

    First and foremost: Happy New Year 2011! I wish you all a great year, filled with happy moments, full with health and personal successes. New year also means that BIS is awarding the community for its contribution. I've recieved several nice mails stating that you voted me up here. Thank you, I enjoy seeing that you find use in my addons. Therefor I'll be updating Lingor to v1.1 to fix all bugs reported in the initial release! When? Soon.

    Free DLC: Lingor Units!

    December 27, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Mig-21 Swordfish Squadron (Lingor Units addon)

    With a help of friends and dedicated A2 community members I'm releasing a long awaited unit pack for Lingor: Lingor Units v1.0. As the main island addon this one Combined Ops (Arma 2 & OA) patched to v1.57 or higher.

    Eggbeast's Evolution Lingor

    December 15, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Eggbeast released a popular mission Evolution Lingor for my latest island. It requires Combined Ops (Arma 2 & OA) patched to v1.56 (free PMC units included).

    Check out the screenshots

    December 1, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I've added 39 screenshots of Lingor.

    Community loves Lingor

    November 23, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I'm glad to announce that over than 5000 people already managed to download and test out Lingor island for the currently top military simulator for PCs

  • Arma 2 + Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. Units will be released shorty (along with a top notch Mig-21 fighter/attack plane donated by Wld427 and his Project RACS). Special thanks go to Brandon, Tristan, Erik, Charles, Gnome&Christi, Daniel and Marko. Thanks guys for your donations, really means a lot.

    In the other news:
    ION executives formally confirmed their intention to lodge an official complaint against the Lingor Regional Government, on grounds of alleged corruption and conspiracy. Chief Executive of Vrana Corp, Raymond St. Pierre, described the period of negotiation as 'underhand, at best; at worse, sick to the heart with corruption', and urged the Lingor Parliament to establish an independent investigation into the affair. ION was bidding for government contract, which
  • as part of the deal
  • would have provided aid to the region
  • rebuilding schools, hospitals and a sanctuary for injured sea turtles. At the end Venator PMC Company got the contract. Eric Perkin, CEO of Venator, has made only a short comment after the news of complaint: 'We are innocent until proven filthy.'.

    Lingor v1.0 is OUT!

    November 23, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Lingor v1.0 Released

    Buenos días! After long 5 months of development I present the first public release of Lingor. More info can be found here.

    Important notice: an updated lingor_v10.7z file is available now. All of you who experience missing brg_*.p3d error notice, please re-download this file to fix the issue.

    My Isla Duala mentioned by Marek in PC Gamer

    October 25, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I've been plesantly suprised when I've spotted this article. Marek 'Maruk' Spanel a.k.a. CEO of Bohemia Interactive Studio mentions my island

  • this really means a lot to me :) Can't wait to show him and of course, rest of you community, my latest (but also one of the last projects) jungle island of Lingor. Release planned: very soon ;)

    Small update

    October 6, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Due to recent RL events I'll probably have to limit the work for the A2 Community. Don't get me wrong, I won't leave it or stop the projects, but I guess Lingor Island & Massacra are one of the last A2 projects. After that its time to enjoy and see what other people will come up with, not to even mention all the rumors about future DLCs :)
    Lingor Island is in v0.99 beta state right now and opening ceremony for public will be hosted in form of MP event. Slovenian SBP Team and International UGAF Team will organize the event and I hope bunch of you A2 afficionados will show up :)

    Domination West for CO v1 by callihn

    September 16, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Callihn released a new mission, an updated port of Bushlurker's Domination version for my island. Try it out.

    New island info added

    August 9, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I've added info on islands Lingor & Massacra.

    Wassup folks

    August 4, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Hey guys, its been quiet around here lately. I've been on vacation, but work on Lingor continues and public beta is not far away. I've also added a zombie mission by SplatterFace to the Panthera mission, to keep you busy for a while (coop 12) ;)

    Release: Isla Duala v1.81!

    July 17, 2010 by IceBreakr

    You can grab it here. See readme file for the changelog. Major changes:
    • fixed floating shrubs caused by a new version of African Foliage 1.20
    • fixed ibr_acivilians.pbo & signature file
    • fixed version name in island selector menu
    • updated LoBo/GIR's Pinzgauer (turning speed, windows, wheel damage)
    • addded Afrenian & Molatian soldier wound textures
    • added windows to AS350 chopper (tnx Maj Z. aka Mchide)
    • new desert ghillie for Molatian spotter and sniper
    • Molatia and Afrene repaved the main road from Bolabongo to Kinsella and other regional roads
    • improved East coast vegetation & new smooth layer of asphalt road in sector Ursana-Canto
    • Afrene built new buildings and new camp near the border river
    • fixed map bugs reported by Enad & Rafalsky
    • upgraded Berghoff African Foliage to latest 1.20
    • various small tweaks & fixes
    • a mutated suprise ;)
    • special thanks to BIS for mentioning Duala in their Arrowhead game!

    Isla Duala v1.7

    June 24, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I've released a new version of Duala with many enhancements. See readme file for the changelog.

    Missions + new updates coming soon

    June 11, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I've upgraded my Bachelors Party coop pack for Jade Groove and ACE2. Expect new island updates soon: Duala, Jade Groove and brand new jungle island of Lingor.

    New coop mission for Jade Groove

    June 5, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Released new challenging mission for island Jade Groove. Up to 20 players, respawn. ACE2 required.
    Mission List Jade Groove

    Jade Groove 1.0 + MFP Raiders v0.99

    May 25, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Jade Groove v1.0
  • various optimizations, new textures
  • smoothed out roads
  • new objects placed
  • added mountain pass road on NE with new settlement on top
  • added new sector South with settlement, compound and couple of farms
  • added garbage/salvage camps
  • added two "camping" places for base/camp placement

    MFP Raiders v0.992
  • added Freedom Fighters (Indep)
  • added Kassfort Survivor civilian (Indep)
  • added CSJ's gyrocopters to island units pack (along with MFP, Raiders & Plymouth Roadrunner car)!
  • improved Raider Leader texture skin (leather belt)
  • upgraded sounds for Roadrunner car (tnx to ANZACSAS Steve)
  • included Gyrocopters (tnx to CSJ)


    Jade Groove 0.95 + Units v0.96

    May 19, 2010 by IceBreakr

    • updated ground/satellite textures
    • altered heights of mountains (not 100% done yet)
    • terrain improvement (more altitude variations)
    • added gas pumps, factory complex, two villages
    • added old prison
    • various bugfixes
    • new Raider car (stolen MFP car, repainted)
    • more slots for weapons/magazines/equipment

    Apocalypse is here
  • Jade Groove island!
  • May 14, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Once upon a time, there was a land that was having a terrible time. Raging wars tore up the planet and only few survivors now fight for the resources in order to survive. Oil reserves dried up, food was in short supply, and things were generally looking pretty grim. After uprisings due to energy shortages which destabilized the country, gangs began to terrorize the remaining survivors all over Jade Groove. Its only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage that will survive. More...

    Thanks for all of the donations!

    May 11, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Thanks for several beer donations coming in during this week. As you know all projects listed here are freeware for players of ArmA 2. And I promise upcoming projects and updates won't suffer because of a sponsored sixpack or two ;) Kieran, Dave, Armin, Bill
  • thank you guys!

    Yup, Jade Groove coming this week.

    May 10, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I'll be releasing a beta version of the brand new island along with units and cars. Jade Groove island is a mix of Australian Outback and Arizona and a tribute to classic game Interstate '76 and Mad Max movies. You just have to wait a bit more. In the meanwhile you can try out MFP units + MFP Interceptor II car ;)

    Panthera v2.61 out.

    May 9, 2010 by IceBreakr

    • fixed and now working: ladders, doors and other active stuff
    • lighting optimizations
    • clutter optimization
    Download (mirrors, 147 MB)

    Brand new Duala v1.6!

    April 29, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I present to you a major update to Isla Duala, one of the most popular islands for simulation ArmA 2.
    I would like to thank following people: Sahbazz for supplied Molatian Army and cammos, IceWindo for making & sharing new Civilians, Kju for config fixes and support, Ryogugu for T-55 model, Berghoff for model fixes of his African vegetation and SBP Team for all the testing done. And of course BIS for a great game, support and upcoming Arrowhead stand-alone addon ;)

    • UNITS: added African Civilians (compatible with Alice module)
    • UNITS: added OPFOR armed rebels (they call themselves MOlatian Fan Organization
    • MOFOs)
    • UNITS: added OPFOR angry protestors armed with stones and smoke bomb
    • UNITS: in-game editor groups for rebels and civilians
    • UNITS: both armies included in the pack now (Afrenian v1.0 + new Molatian v1.2)
    • MAP: improved ground/terrain graphics and ground clutter
    • MAP: clutter fix & compatibility with Panthera 2.6 or higher
    • MAP: improved savannah vegetation
    • MAP: updated Berghoff's brg_africa.pbo with latest vegetation model fixes
    • MAP: added latest ibr_plants.pbo compatible with Panthera 2.6 (they share the same file)
    • MAP: added St. Trisha resort and a new army base
    • WEAPON: updated stones from harmless to deadly, they can kill or injure a target now
    • VEHICLE: added T-55 main battle tank for Molatian Army
    • ISSUE: if you jump out from T-55 Commander position you'll get damaged. Solution: switch to loader and then get out.
    Download (mirrors, 241 MB)

    Finally: Panthera v2.6!

    April 8, 2010 by IceBreakr

    • removed dependency to Isla Duala
    • added new sector: Asabana Desert (South of Fishers Corner)
    • 5 new desert towns (Zappada, Cato, Foxhill, Belley and Rockburn)
    • added road Koritnica-Fishers Corner
    • texture and clutter optimizations
    • added civilian spawn markers for Silvie/Alice modules
    • couple of new FOBs (bases)
    • smoother roads
    Download (mirrors, 147 MB)

    Panthera v2.5 is here!

    March 25, 2010 by IceBreakr

    • major optimizations and increased framerates (trees)
    • new improved satellite image and ground textures
    • improved ground clutter (grass, ferns, mushrooms)
    • redefined sounds and physics for all ground types
    • towns and villages feature beaten path instead of grass
    • fixed entrances of Boh. Bistrica Factory (zombie addon request)
    • upgraded ibr_plants.pbo to latest Isla Duala version, cut down RPT errors
    • upgraded Boryana Airport with new hangar, taxi path and ILS system
    • couple of minor road and height fixes
    Download (mirrors, 133 MB)


    March 11, 2010 by IceBreakr

    With the help of LoBo and GIR Team I've been able to give Afrenians a new vehicle for their police/army operations. I couldn't do it without great help of zGuba, Panda, NZDF Crash, wld427 & Randy. Thanks guys. I hope you will all enjoy the new vehicle released in Afrenian Army v1.0.


    March 1, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Currently I'm making new version of Panthera (v2.4) with biggest update on brand new textures (satellite and ground).
    Sahbazz and I are also preparing a new version for Molatian and Afrenian army so we can make a single pack with the Duala. Further plans are to include couple of vehicles, but we need to finish the talks with the addon owners first. Afrenian government is in talks to buy Pinzgauers for army and police. Their border will be probably patrolled by the Eurocopter's AS-350 Squirrel. You'll be notified when deals come through.

    Added screenshots

    February 11, 2010 by IceBreakr

    I've added 12 screenshots of Duala and released Afrenian Army v0.9!

    Duala v1.31!

    February 10, 2010 by IceBreakr

    • fixed: object on road @ 054/058, ID 60928
    • fixed: object on road @ 056/031, ID 186056
    • fixed: object on road @ 064/016, ID 149420
    • fixed: object on road @ 089/015, ID 230893, 230832
    • fixed: tree object on asphalt @ Kinsella crossroad at airport
    • fixed: port @ Camara: rails for the crane not alligned to ground
    • fixed: floating shacks in Kingala
    • new bump-mapping textures for savannah and desert (made by Bad Benson)
    • new water color
    • new roof texture for entrable house on Vixena
    Download (mirrors, 167 MB)

    Duala v1.3 is out!

    February 4, 2010 by IceBreakr

    • finished construction of island Vixena on SW, featuring towns, fishing villages, farms, prison and a port. Since good stuff is reserved for VBS2 users I tried to get inspiration from its screenshots. Hopefully Vixena became something you will want to visit often. Just keep away from Ramon's property, Plantation on SW... even local army won't go there.
    • brand new satellite image with improved textures, improved normals for ground textures
    • added two new wall types with new textures
    • Afrene invested a lot of money into an upgrade of Tasmera Jungle airport infrastructure
    • Kinsella finally got its ferry port completed
    • fixed bug with pbo & sign file, signed dedicated servers should work now
    • other small bugfixes
    Download (mirrors, 167 MB)

    Duala v1.2 is out!

    January 29, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Ok guys here it is, new version of Duala
  • v1.2, bringing many fixes and upgrades.

    Since Molatia found oil on nearby island Hazene (NW), they upgraded infrastructure there and even paved most of the roads. Hazene is a vulcanic island. It features oil derricks, three towns, two army bases, heliport, a presidental palace, a mayor villa, small resort, oil depot and two ports. Radical Islamic Fighters for independent Hazene burned down both churches last week and in heavy clashes with Molatian army a large group took shelter in small village of Upeesdi, while others fleed to the jungle. Molatian army surrounded Upeesdi and burned it to the ground with only couple of rebels surviving the attack.

    Version: v1.2

    First Release: December 30, 2009
    Release Date: January 29, 2009

    Changes in v1.2:
    • added oil-rich island of Hazena and small isle of Caspal (NW sector)
    • added new house textures based on RL African infrastructure
    • added grass cutter object to in-game editor
    • added Embassy complex to Kinsella (SW part of town)
    • added MikeBart's hemp plant
    • moved posed guard towers to ibr_dtowns to ensure compatibility with Panthera 2.31
    • fixed all bridge heights
    • fixed water height
    • improved sun lightning quality
    • fixed small hut & guard hut heights on main Afrene checkpoint (by the bridge)
    • fixed config error "Ruins" that appeared in Editor
    • removed several street lamps to cut down electricity costs
    • retrieved stolen papi light from the jungle (tnx Nazul)
    • fixed tower height in Camp Noobia
    • removed 9 tents with invisible wall (BIS warfare HQ object) and bugged fuel camo-tents
    • removed pink coloured spots on ground near ruined bridge
    Future plans for v1.3:
    • finish construction of island Vixena on SW (jungle, village, port, drug-factory)
    • finish retexturing of buildings based on feedback
    • add flag objects to editor of both countries
    • upgrade Aeroporto Tasmera for AI takeoff/landing
    • fix bugs that get reported
    Have fun :)
    Readme | Download


    January 18, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Isla Duala v1.1 is already in the works featuring all of the reported bugs removed, added new big island in Northwest of Molatia and completed other smaller ones around Duala. Island will also feature a new better satellite image and majority of houses were retextures to be more Africa-like.

    I'll probably revisit Panthera and redo the satellite image to be of much higher quality. I'll also add ILS systems and upgrade the airports. And hopefully peaks will feature a bit of snow now ;)

    I've also posted planning maps for Panthera and Duala for all mission makers. You can grab them under Download section of each island. Remember... have fun! :)

    Isla Duala v1.0 is OUT!

    January 14, 2010 by IceBreakr

  • ibr_rn.pbo is no longer required (dependency removed)
  • added SBP Camp Noobia training facility with: jogging course, obstacle course, driving school, shooting range (250-400m), bomb practice area, tactics range with house (to train flanking and overbounding), guard house on top of hill with great overview of the base and ambush alley (long road with fake settlement at the end). Hopefully A2 squad C/Os will find it useful
  • added houses that spawn ALICE module civilians, modules should be working like on Chernarus now
  • different ground types now sound differently and bullet hits also sound diferrently
  • added a dirtroad from central bridge to Djolan, for Afrenian border patrol purposes
  • added new config for 12 major towns to make map compatible with Warfare and spawn modules
  • got rid of the missing black.pac file error
  • improved Afrene Airport with added fence, new administration building and parking lot
  • added street lamps in all major towns
  • removed bargates from border, mission makers can make their own now
  • added a dirt road on W isle leading to ruins
  • runways and roads drawn to satellite map
  • added intro (tnx W0lle!) to main menu when Isla Duala is active
  • added couple of town road signs at major crossroads to help players that get lost
  • river crossings without bridges now have high-tide warning signs
  • all four airports feature ILS and AI can use them (hopefully, 2 of them are pretty small!)
  • fix: AI with C130 can now take off from Afrenian airport without crashing
  • fixed bunch rpt errors in ibr_dtowns and ibr_plants (can be used for Island Panthera too!)
  • added more savannah vegetation to the dull north areas, cut down couple of trees from roads
    note: Molatian and Afrenian Armies are released separately.
  • Download

    Isla Duala v1.0 coming soon

    January 13, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Ok, I'm getting close to the release of Isla Duala v1.0 and I'll soon have ready a new version of Panthera, too. Whats the big news? After more than 20 hours of config tweaking: Alice (Civilians & Civilian Vehicle) modules work on my custom island by simply placing module icon to the mission and I've been able to eliminate almost all of the RPT errors!

    Isla Duala: Progress Report

    January 6, 2010 by IceBreakr

    Good news guys. I'm updating Duala but I won't be releasing versions until I reach v1.0. Following fixes were already done:
    • ibr_rn.pbo is no longer required (dependency removed)
    • different ground types now sound differently and bullet hits also sound diferrently
    • added a dirtroad from central bridge to Djolan, for Afrenian border patrol purposes
    • added new config for 12 major towns to make map compatible with Warfare and spawn modules
    • desert houses that spawn ALICE module civilians now
    • added street lamps to all major towns

    Isla Duala: Open issues and bugreporting

    January 1, 2010 by IceBreakr

    First of all my team and I wish you all a Happy New Year 2010! There's been a huge response to the beta release of Isla Duala. But it seems that most of the bugs reported are already in the supplied readme.txt. We post it again below:
    Known issues in v0.99
    • missing texture file ca\misc3\wf\data\black.pac
    • just click OK.
    • sattelite and mask maps are not final (roads & airports not drawn on it), many places have grass where there should be none
    • some places are still missing tree/bush vegetation
    • rpt errors for bunch of objects missing config, will be fixed in next release
    • south border road still missing
    • road signs used for navigation (at crossings) are not done yet
    • SBP Training Camp Noobia is not finished yet
    • recheck config for proper ground sounds on different materials
    • Molatian soldiers will be released separately
    For all other bugs you find PLEASE POST them here.

    Molatian Army v1.0
    Molatian Army
    Sahbazz finished up his army for Duala (North). Try it out (5.8 MB)!

    Isla Duala
  • public beta v0.99 today!
  • December 30, 2009 by IceBreakr

    "Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen, there's some juicy colonists' daughters we have to rescue from their virginity!"
  • Aliens, 1986
  • El Diablo, IceBreakr and Tourist board of Afrene are inviting all of you to visit a paradise on Earth

  • Isla Duala. Tropical forests, sandy beaches, wild savannah, clear water and... nasty neighbouring Republic of Molatia threatening to overrun friendly Republic Afrene in Southern part of Duala.
    Current peace can be very decieving. Marks of previous decade-long war can be seen even today and no-man zone still divides both countries with high fence running all along the border. Only few of the natives dare to travel across. With recent diamond and oil findings in Molatia their war machine is growing, too. European and US peacekeeping forces are currently present on Afrene in small numbers, but this might change very soon. Russia and China are in close business ties with Molatia and Afrene is mainly providing services for US and European tourists. War between Molatia and Afrene might be just around the corner...

    p.s. Isla Duala is a completely fictional game project and does not have any connections to real life: persons, countries, towns, Czech pornstars etc.